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Grow Your Mailing List at A Rapid Pace Without Breaking the Bank With A FAST and Affordable List Building Solo Ad From Click Reservoir!

We Provide Responsive Buyer Traffic That Converts! Send our responsive buyer traffic to your optin page and watch your email list grow quickly into your own personal buyer traffic source. Your Very Own Responsive Mailing List! Now when I say "buyer traffic" I'm NOT implying that you'll definitely get initial sales directly from my mailing. You may or may not based on your offer and funnel. I can't guarantee any sales directly from my mailing but... What I am saying is that you will definitely be adding responsive, action taking subscribers to your own list that are extremely interested in what you have to offer and once you begin following up with them with your own mailings you'll very likely get sales as a result. Anyone that has email marketing experience will tell you (if they're being honest) that most traffic sources DO NOT produce a purchase initially so the goal is to build your list. That's because the subscriber doesn't know and trust you yet but they want to so they join your list to see what you're all about. So you'll need to follow up with them and earn their trust. Once they know and trust you the sales will come. That's literally what email marketing is all about. Hi, my name is Phillip P. Brewer and I've been a full-time solo seller since 2008. I've sold literally thousands of mailings and millions of clicks over the years so I know a thing or two about solo ads :) Click Reservoir is NOT just your average solo seller website because I'm not in this alone this time. I have silent partners that are also experienced professionals in this industry and together we can provide an unbelievable amount of traffic to your offer and get RESULTS for you every time. Let me be very clear here... When I say "results" I mean that you will definitely get optin conversions and add subscribers to your list. Getting the sale is of course entirely up to you, your offer and funnel and mostly, your follow up mailings with your new subscribers. So my goal here is simple. Get laser-targeted, very interested, highly motivated action takers to your optin page so you can build your own list. That's it. The rest is up to you. I know you'll be pleased with your optin conversions if you give us a try. As for sales, well I know they'll come too if you communicate with your subs and continue to provide them with quality offers that they're interested in. I know this because I make sales consistently from these same subscriber lists. I look forward to working with you on your promotion and getting feedback from you about your experience. Below you'll find detailed information about what we can do for your business and how we do it. Thanks for taking a look at Click Reservoir. I appreciate it and wish you much success! Keep Smiling :) Phillip P. Brewer

Get 100% Real Human Eyeballs On Your Offer!

We deliver REAL people that are highly interested in what you have to offer and they're very responsive too! These are NOT just tire kickers and freebie seekers. They are interested and motivated action takers that convert!

Constantly Evolving Lists of Active Responsive Subscribers

Our lists are not only always growing because we constantly add new subscribers but they also shrink because we constantly remove inactive subscribers. We maintain a high level of list hygiene, so the prospects are always active and responsive. We only want to send mailings to interested action takers so you get the results you expect from our services.

Precision Category Targeting Gets The Perfect Audience

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing traffic is how targeted the audience is to your offer. We provide several targeted categories to choose from including Make Money Online, Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, MLM, Work From Home, Health and Wellness and Weight Loss. You choose the category that best fits your offer then we will also take a look to make sure it is the best category. Then we'll send your mailing to that segment of our lists to get you the best possible action takers subscribing to your own list. They'll want what you've got!

Only 100% Laser Targeted USA Visitors Delivered

We only want to deliver the best possible visitors to your offers and that means 100% USA Clicks from laser-targeted, highly motivated individuals. Never pay a dime for visitors from 2nd or 3rd Tier countries again! The BEST possible visitors equals the BEST possible results for your promotion.

Get MORE With Our Unique Dynamic Over-Delivery

Sure, 10% or 20% guaranteed over-delivery sounds great but that's not how we roll. We mail a set number of subscribers based on what click amount was ordered and you get ALL of that traffic... Even if it's double or MORE! Our over-delivery changes dynamically with every order based entirely on your offer and how effective your ad copy is.

Professional Ad Copy Creation And Design Is Included

Our team will create professional ad copy specifically for your offer. Just provide us the URL that you want to promote and we'll take care of the rest. Professional copy will get the best possible response with only highly targeted visitors to your offer.

Click Tracking Statistics Provided For You

We use for tracking your click orders. They are arguably the best in the industry at what they do and we only want the best for you! Before your mailing begins we will create a tracking link to use for your order and you will receive a URL via email so that you can view the stats for the clicks you get in real-time.

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